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Often happens to us that we are very focused on the day to day, and when we stop for a moment we have doubts about whether what we are doing is the right thing to do. We think about whether that action makes sense or not, or whether we can attract that market segment that interests us, or whether those changes proposed to us on the web will have the impact they assure us,… but we don’t find the time to think- take it easy

For this reason, I offer a one-off consultation service, carried out virtually, and with a standard duration of 1 hour, where the objective is to provide an external and professional point of view on the issue raised, as well as to resolve some of these specific doubts for which large documents are certainly not necessary nor can the costs that this would represent be assumed.

These meetings are preceded by an exchange of emails where the topic to be discussed and the background are explained, which allow me to position myself and thus focus the session in a much more productive way for the client.

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