Applied Technology

That technology has had a radical impact on the tourism sector is more than obvious. In addition, this impact occurs at all the moments that make up the life cycle of tourism consumption.

In this way, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge of what the existing technologies are, as well as their implications and potentialities, in order to opt for the ones that can provide the most profitability depending on the established objectives.

In short, I offer support in the application of technology to improve the tourist experience in the different phases of the trip, as well as to take advantage of the information that the tourist generates and that helps us make decisions. I am talking, among others, about areas such as:

  • Conceptualization and development of web pages.
  • Online positioning strategy.
  • Definition of presence in social networks.
  • Generation of indicators for obtaining knowledge. 
  • Integration of management tools. Marketing systems.

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