Where are we? Where do we want to go? And, most importantly, why? I help answer these and other questions in order to shape a tourism strategy with mid- and long-term objectives, but without neglecting what needs to be done today.


What do we have? What state is it in? Who can I attract? These are all aspects we need to be clear about when it comes to creating or redefining tourism products with an identity of their own. Segmentation, specialisation, profiles, motivation and experiences are some of the keywords in this area.


Support in the application of technology in order to improve the tourism experience at different stages of the journey, and in order to make the most of the information that tourists generate and that help us make decisions. I’m referring here to websites, social networks, analytics, etc.


Reaching our target audience with the right message is a complex task that requires a constant and well-structured work approach. Drawing up a marketing plan helps us to structure and implement our vision.


More than 15 years of involvement in the tourism sector, in areas such as marketing, technology and teaching, make it difficult to pin me down with just a single label, but I always try to bring a capacity for analysis, business vision, common sense and commitment to whatever I do.


Qualified with a Degree in Tourism and a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management and Planning, I work on a strategic and operational level with public authorities and private companies on both local and international projects, making small incursions into other sectors that have provided me with new work methods that I apply to the tourism sector.

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Santa Coloma de Farners

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