It often happens that we focus a lot on the daily tasks at hand and then, when we take a step back for a moment, doubts creep in about whether we’re going about things the right way. We wonder whether a certain course of action makes sense, whether we can attract a certain market segment we’re interested in, or whether those changes that are being suggested for the website will really have the promised impact…

And to clear up some of these specific doubts we probably don’t need extensive reports, which are also likely to be too costly to produce.

That’s why I offer a service of one-off distance consultations (Skype or similar) with a standard duration of one hour, where my objective is to offer an external professional perspective on the issue in question.

These sessions are preceded by an exchange of emails in which the customer describes the issue and its background, putting me in the picture in order to approach the session in the most productive way possible.

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Using the attached form, give me a brief description
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I’ll get in touch with you to arrange a time
and to determine the issue, conditions and
objectives to be achieved through the personalised consultation.

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Payment is via bank transfer on completion of the session.